Our Partners

Any organization seriously interested in joining this collaboration will reply to the National Park Service (NPS) issued Highlands Center Request for Proposals and Program Partners with a similar level of detail to the submission requirements of the 2003 NPS Highlands Center Request for Proposals and Program Partners and Request for Qualifications for a Management Partner (RFP). Please read the following guidelines as a preliminary step; quoted material was taken from the 2003 NPS RFP.

Program Partners agree to rehabilitate a building to meet their unique needs and then to conduct programming at the site. Types of programming that can take place include:

• "Residential fellowships that offer office, studio or laboratory workspace and housing for a changing community of scientists, educators, and artists.
• Classroom facilities for environmental and science education, and for visual, writing, and performing arts programs; and field stations for physical and biological science research, as well as practice space for artists.
• 'Think tank' office, retreat and conference facilities for institutes, organizations and foundations dedicated to supporting the arts, sciences, natural and cultural history, education, and collaborative venues across disciplines.
• Educational facilities for programs supporting artistic expression, environmental study, and scientific inquiry."

Participants in programs held at the site by such Partners learn, create, preserve, and enjoy this special environment and the culture of the Outer Cape through this interdisciplinary approach. As a year round venue, the Center will bolster the economy of the Outer Cape, and help build a sense of community.

For information on becoming a Program Partner, the site, or leasing a building, contact Lauren McKean, the NPS Highlands Center Project Manager at Cape Cod National Seashore.